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If your looking for hassle free, reliable and experienced carpet cleaning Ipswich and pest control services in the Ipswich area than look no further. We can get your carpets looking great, stains removed and freshened up with our powerful carpet cleaning machines. We make it simple to get a quick quote by giving us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff members. Alternatively send us an email using the email enquiry form to the left of this page, or even text us if you like, on the mobile phone number provided.

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If your vacating your Ipswich rental property and need your carpets cleaned and flea treatment done then rest assured we are the end of lease specialist.  Our Ipswich carpet cleaners are experienced in rental property carpet cleaning. We provide a hassle free carpet cleaning service in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. We promise that if your property manager isn’t happy with our standard of cleaning then we will return and re-clean if necessary. All of our end of lease carpet cleaning services will include general stain removal and deodorising. Rest assured… We will provide the absolute best carpet cleaning service available.

Our Ipswich Qld based carpet cleaning technicians also offer other services such as pest control, upholstery cleaning, stain removal and tile and grout cleaning, steam cleaning, urine and odor removal and sanitizing.


• Vacuuming And Carpet Cleaning:

We recommend thoroughly vacuuming your carpet at least 2 times a week. This is very important for keeping your carpet as clean as possible between professional carpet cleaning services. It’s much easier to remove soil when it’s dry and vacuuming will remove about 70% of dry soil. We will thoroughly vacuum before the professional carpet cleaning process.

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• Carpet cleaning Pre-Treatment:

Your carpet needs to be pre-treated before the carpet cleaning Ipswich process. We apply our specialised carpet cleaning pre-spray solutions before we clean your carpets. This allows our carpet cleaning shampoos to dissolve the spots and stains before we steam clean your carpets. We use different pre spray solutions for different types of carpets. It’s completely safe for animals and children. When needed, we will pre-scrub your carpet to loosen and remove dirt that is attached to the carpet fibers.

• Furniture Moving While Carpet Cleaning:

In most cases we can clean around large furniture. Our carpet cleaning process will not damage any furniture. We can move a sofa or dining room table if needed. We do ask that you have any small furniture and breakables out of the rooms to be carpet cleaned. Of course if you cannot do something on your own, just ask us. We are more than happy to help. We cannot move electronics, dressers, beds, sectionals, etc.

• Carpet Cleaning Ipswich:

After pre-treating your carpet, we extract the dirt out with our carpet cleaning systems. Different situations call for different types of carpet cleaning processes. We want to make sure that we get your carpet completely clean. Our Ipswich Qld carpet cleaning Technicians are well trained to operate these systems. We care about your home as to not allow any dangerous situations. If there are any problems after the cleaning, please let us know and we will do out best to make it right.

• Pest Control:

If you are moving house then you may need pest control treatments such as a flea treatment, especially if you have had pets. Our Ipswich carpet cleaning and pest control services offer a wide range of effective pest control treatments. These include cockroach treatments, flea treatments and we also can take care of ants, spiders and silverfish.

Carpeted room freshly steam cleaned and dedorised.• Getting Your Carpets Dry After Carpet Cleaning:

With any normal carpet cleaning service, your carpets should be dry in a matter of a few hours. We take every measure to get your carpet dry and back to a usable condition ASAP. We understand that your time is valuable and you need to be able to walk on your carpets in order to live in your home. This small inconvenience is necessary to be sure your carpets are as clean as possible.

• Carpet Spot Cleaning:

Most stains and spots can be removed from your carpet. There may be permanent damage from things such as bleach, red dye or pet urine, but we do everything in our power to remove any unwanted discoloration from your carpet. With today’s technology we are able to remove certain stains that were not removable in the past. Your carpet cleaning Ipswich Technician will inspect your carpet before the cleaning. The cleaning technician will let you know in his best opinion what will and what won’t come out of your carpet.

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