Stain Removal Ipswich

General stain removal is included in our Ipswich carpet cleaning services. We can remove a wide range of spots and stains when we steam clean your carpeted areas. Most stain removal is accomplished using our advanced carpet cleaning shampoos and detergents.


Now if there are still persistent stains left in your carpet after the cleaning procedure, then the stain removal process becomes more wine spilltargeted using specialised stain removal spotters that are specially designed to target and remove stains such as coffee stains, grease stains, ink stains, food stains etc. These stain removal processes are still include in our Ipswich carpet cleaning services.


Now at this stage there still may be some type of stains that haven’t been removed with our general carpet cleaning services. This may include stains that other carpet cleaners have been unable to remove on prior carpet cleans. Our Ipswich stain removal procedures have removed stains that other cleaners have failed to remove. They could be stains such as red dye (typically from nail polish) pet stains, urine stains and coloured soft drink stains. These type of stain removal techniques are more advanced and require experience and knowledge to remove successfully. Our Ipswich stain removal technicians use special spotters and equipment to remove these difficult stains easily and safely.


Always remember that fresh stains are far easier to remove than older stains. The earlier you can treat the stain the better the chance of stain removal. If you have had an accident on your carpets then the best thing to do would be to seek an Ipswich carpet cleaning professionals help immediately to get the best advice for your particular type of stain and removal.

Stain removal before and after pictures.